And here we are…


So, that first post was almost exactly one year ago, which should be a small indicator of how little time I have had to embrace the thought of a blog and also, how chaotic our life is.

To give you a quick update, V is still not in school.  He would be in first grade this year had we not pulled him.  Home schooling is a nightmare and right now, practically non-existent due to V’s sensory and behavior issues, and extreme anxiety related to anything educational.   I have dropped the schooling to concentrate on trying to get V’s SPD (sensory processing disorder) and anxiety/anger issues under control.  We have had another occupational therapy evaluation- yeah, he needs it – at least three times a week to be effective.  We can’t afford it, therefore I will be implementing a home sensory diet under the OT’s observation.  We have already started the Wilbarger brushing protocol every three or so hours and V is also taking doses of Sulphur and Neurotrans Active (a homeopathic formula for obsessiveness and anxiety).

Well, so much for the update.  Now, anybody out there know how to get a slinky off of a chair rung?????



And so it begins…


As of the start of this blog, I have yet another scheduled meeting this afternoon with my autistic son’s (for the purposes of this blog referred to as “V”) school team.  His primary, gym and art teachers,  his anticipated primary teacher for next year, the principal of his school, the county school system autism specialist, the county school psychologist, the county school occupational therapist, his school’s special education teacher, his school’s speech therapist and myself.  Did I mention that my son is only six and just in kindergarten??  Sounds like the orchestration of a team for moving a candidate the likes of Hannibal Lecter from one isolation cell to the next doesn’t it? And, that is exactly how it feels to me.

The anxiety I am feeling is almost overwhelming.  Since the beginning of the school year my son has not acclimated to all day kindergarten well at all – to say the least.  He hates it.  He says the kids stare at him (I am sure a result of the many meltdowns and outbursts he has had in class already this year) and the teacher does not understand him.  His SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder – which is common for children on the spectrum) symptoms have flared up with a vengeance and he is exhausted just from trying to get though the day, which usually starts with crying about having to go to school at all. 

We are into our third month of misery and I am exhausted also.  How can a child who is so sensitive, so sweet, mostly well-adjusted and funny at home be so misunderstood, so miserable and so out of place at school???   And how can I, the parent who always volunteered at school for my older son, always went on the field trips, always baked cookies or brownies for parties and always had an excellent relationship with teachers and staff, the parent of another child – a fabulous 14 year old honor student (from now on referred to as “M”) who excels in just about everything he does and is applying for an accelerated math and science program at Andrews University – be reduced to a neurotic, over-protective, over-bearing, demanding, teacher-bashing, she-devil, heartless, crazy-woman, helicopter “mom” in less than three months???   The simple and painful answer…. Autism.